SINEE Total Techno Bundle WAV

With these techno samples & loops you produce timeless techno tracks for every vibe and every floor. Peak time grooves? Total techno bundle. Raw hypnotic? Total techno bundle. fast & hard? Total techno bundle. Dark or ravy? Grab the Total Techno Bundle. Experience full flexibility and high quality sound with SINEE’s most comprehensive sample pack to date. This huge library provides you with techno samples that leave nothing to be desired. We are sure that you don’t need more than the Total Techno Bundle to set up high-quality techno productions. Look forward to over 1800 samples , or in other words, over 2GB of sound!

Total techno sample details
1846 samples – 2.35GB
361 kicks
231 Drones & Atmos
220 percussion loops
181 percussion shots
161 synth loops
134 kick loops
102 Schranz loops
92 bass loops
86 synth shots
61 snares
42 FX
42 acid loops
40 top loops
39 hi-hats
86 synth shots
20 rides
86 synth shots
20 claps
14 distorted voices
Suitable for any DAW
Our samples are all license-free and may be used in your publications

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