Hunter Rogerson The Wildmother’s Dulcimer Kontakt

A hammered dulcimer evoking forests and glades with evocative aleatoric playing as well as deeply-sampled standard articulations…

The story
This particular hammered dulcimer means quite a lot to me. It has a focused warmth that surprises me every time I drop it into a mix (I’ve remarked to anyone who will listen that, every time I track it, I never bother processing it—it always just sits).

So I’ve stood by that ideology and left these samples entirely untouched, but please please mix them to your liking!

I spent a great deal of time capturing multiple layers and RR’s for the standard articulations, but the real magic lies in the swaths of aleatoric playing which I hoped would evoke the natural world as this dulcimer often does for me when I’m playing it. The aim, while recording, was to capture textures that would be impossible to program with MIDI.

To boot, I’ve crafted some custom IR’s for those aleatoric patches using the sounds of wind, rain, and rustling leaves that, when blended to taste, can create something really special without ever leaving the GUI.

Each patch makes use of 3 mixable mic positions. A close XY pair of small condenser microphones, a stereo room signal, and a mono mic signal from far off at the end of a hallway.

To start off, I’m putting about half of the patches here on Pianobook. These include:

Electromagnetic Mahogany
Ten-Billion Butterflies
Dripping Branches

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