Truefire Brad Carlton’s Guitar Lab: The I vi Connection, Vol. 2 Tutorial

Mastering Rhythm and Soloing: The Essential Guide to the ‘1-6 Connection’ for Guitarists
The I vi Connection Vol. 2 elevates your guitar playing, regardless of your current skill level. This volume builds on the essential ‘I vi Connection,’ streamlining both your rhythm and lead techniques to uncover new musical horizons. It introduces you to the art of blending two-note and three-note motifs with each chord, establishing a robust foundation in melody and harmony. The exploration of the CAGED system, especially focusing on one specific chord shape, enhances your ability to navigate the fretboard with ease. Key lessons include forming the A triad in the 2nd position and adding extra notes to craft the A major pentatonic scale, thereby simplifying soloing and enriching your melodic expressions. With “The I vi Connection Vol. 2,” you’re set on a path to mastering intricate musical compositions through diligent practice, leveraging the power of this fundamental chord progression to its fullest.

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