GuitarVivo 150 Neo-Soul Guitar Licks by Bence Becsy TUTORiAL

Master Advanced Neo-Soul Guitar Licks, Riffs, Runs, & Phrases with Bence Bècsy’s New Book, 150 Neo-Soul Guitar Licks!
The first book of its kind, 150 Neo-Soul Guitar Licks is an encyclopaedia of ultra-modern guitar vocabulary for the budding neo-soul guitarist. Not for the faint of heart, this book contains challenging lines that will push your double stops, triple stops, hybrid picking, slides, tapping & more. Utilising every technique in the book for a comprehensive neo-soul experience.

Looking to capture the mystic sounds of Isaiah Sharkey? or trying to capture some of Spanky Alford’s legendary Mojo? The answer has never been closer than it is with the release of this new collection of licks from Hungarian virtuoso, Bence Bècsy.

Containing ear-bending runs for every occasion, this book will push your harmonic, melodic and technical control, filling your playing with cutting-edge modern language. Discover a unique style of playing that seamlessly intertwines flowing jazz and gospel inspired chordal movements with melodic single-note lines for an impressive and breathtaking sonic blend.

Combining stylistic traits of Jazz, R&B, Gospel, Funk & more, Bence serves up 150 licks that include major, minor, dominant, altered, diminished, whole-tone and chromatic elements. As well as a whole chapter of lines that outline both common and uncommon progressions, showing you exactly how your favourite guitarists create flowing lines over changes.

This book contains…

Major Licks
Minor Licks
Mixolydian Licks
Altered, Whole-tone and Diminished Licks
Licks Outlining Progressions
Signature and Showstopper licks
To help you master the contents of the book, you’ll also get downloadable video and audio of every example so you can see and hear exactly how each line is articulated. GuitarPro files are also included for an upgraded practice experience.

If you’re a beginner or early intermediate, you may find the contents a little advanced to play at tempo. Luckily, the licks in this book sound great at much slower tempos than presented in the recordings and also make for fantastic. musical technical exercises. Giving you hours and hours of practice material as you combine technique development with musical development.

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