UJAM Virtual Drummer Phat v2.4.1 Cracked

Your Drummer for Hip Hop and Funk Beats
Producers of Rap and Hip Hop know that a fat, solid beat is absolutely critical to the success of a track. Without the right drum sounds and rhythms, a track will sound weak and won’t hold up against the competition. That is why we have created our Virtual Drummer PHAT. This Rack Extension instrument is the glorious successor to the A-List Classic Drummer and adds fantastic new flavors to Reason. It gives you everything you need to make your beats shine.

Despite its fantastic sounds and powerful features, Virtual Drummer PHAT has a simple, straightforward user interface-a trademark of all UJAM Rack Extensions. That means beginners and professionals alike can lay down amazing drum tracks in no time.

– Successor of the popular A-List Classic Drummer
– 1380 drumming patterns you can mix and match
– 200 sound presets covering 60 musical styles

Make ’em Say Yeah!
Virtual Drummer PHAT Rack Extension has you covered on styles ranging from Retro Soul to G-Funk and beyond. This versatile instrument comes with 200 sound presets covering 60 musical styles and it contains a total of 1380 different rhythmic patterns that you can effortlessly stitch together to build up your track exactly as you want.

Quickly experiment and change your sounds from small and soulful to huge and anthemic by combining any of the drum kits with the 6 tonally powerful “character” presets. Instant variations… no sweat!

In short, Virtual Drummer PHAT Rack Extension delivers fantastic grooves that are easy to craft and hard to resist.

What you get
– Build your own drum kits with kit editing options
– New Master Section with saturation and maximizer
– Fresh interface that is easy on the eyes and your brain
– 200 sound presets covering 60 musical styles
– 1380 different drumming patterns you can mix and match easily

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