Waves Ultimate 15 v24.06.24 Incl V.R Patch WiN/MAC

Waves is the world’s leading developer of audio plugins and signal processors for the professional and consumer electronics audio markets.

June 24, 2024

All Waves Plugins: Across-the-board software update to V15

– New Features & Improvements in Waves V15
– New: [StudioVerse Instruments](https://www.waves.com/plugins/studioverse-instruments) — a virtual instrument rack plugin where you can play from thousands of chains from the StudioVerse library, each combining layered instruments, MIDI FX and audio FX. Create & share your own instrument presets across DAWs, and publish them on StudioVerse.
– Updated: StudioRack — now called [StudioVerse Audio Effects](https://www.waves.com/plugins/studioverse-audio-effects). We’ve optimized the search engine and added tags & suggested presets to a streamlined plugin window to help you find presets faster and hear results quickly. StudioVerse Audio Effects is backwards compatible with old StudioRack presets & sessions.
– New in SSL G-Master Buss Compressor: High-pass sidechain filter added
– New in H-Delay Hybrid Delay:
– Dual Mode added for separate control of left and right delay times.
– Choose whether ping-pong delays start from left or right.
– New in all Waves plugins: MIDI Learn added, plus the ability to save MIDI map presets as a separate layer than plugin presets. (Please note that this feature has not been added in Audio Unit hosts [Mac] such as Logic, Digital Performer and Luna.) [Learn more here](https://www.waves.com/support/how-to-control-waves-plugins-with-midi-in-your-daw).
– New in all Waves plugins: Favorites Presets — Save and manage your favorite settings and access them easily through the Preset Browser.
– New in over 70 plugins ([see full list](https://www.waves.com/support/how-to-lock-input-and-mix-values-on-preset-load)): You can now lock the Input and Dry/Wet parameters when scrolling through presets, for seamless A/B comparison.
– New: Plugins added to popular bundles
– Mercury: Nx Virtual Mix Room, Spherix.
– Horizon: CLA Unplugged, Greg Wells PianoCentric, Key Detector, Magma Springs, Manny Marroquin Triple D, Nx Virtual Mix Room, Retro Fi, Lofi Space, Spherix, Voltage Amps.
– Diamond: CLA Unplugged, Greg Wells PianoCentric, Key Detector, Magma Springs, Manny Marroquin Triple D, Nx Virtual Mix Room, Retro Fi, Lofi Space, Spherix, Voltage Amps.
– Platinum: CLA Unplugged, Greg Wells PianoCentric, Key Detector, Magma Springs, RetroFi, Lofi Space, Voltage Amps.
– Gold: Key Detector, Magma Springs, Voltage Amps.
– New: Hi-res HiDPI graphic interfaces added for CLA Epic, CLA EchoSphere, Scheps 73 and H-Comp Hybrid Compressor.
– Improved: Abbey Road plugins have been renamed for easy access: All plugin names now start with “Abbey Road.”
– New: You will now receive notification through the plugin hamburger menu when updates are available.
– New: You will now receive notification via plugins before Waves Creative Access subscription licenses expire or require resync for offline systems: [Learn more](https://www.waves.com/support/license-expiration-message-offline-systems).
– New: Presets by Nir Z added to Abbey Road Chambers, Abbey Road Reverb Plates, Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain, BB Tubes, CLA Mixhub, Magma Tube Channel Strip, OVox, SSL EV2 and SSL G Channel.
– Improved: Artist presets previously featured on Waves.com added to GTR3 ToolRack.
– VST2 support has not been updated in the latest version of our software and will not be available in future releases.
– Bug fixes in all Waves plugins
– Fixed: Bouncing instrument tracks offline in Reaper will not result with muted instruments.
– Fixed: The space bar now operates correctly in Pro Tools, even after text entry, while the transport is in play.
– Fixed: Maschine and Komplete Kontrol knobs maintain stability and do not jitter when using the mouse in Logic while Waves plugins are active.
– Fixed: The tab key operates correctly after text entry.
– Bug fixes in individual plugins
– Fixed in Abbey Road Saturator: Loading LV1 sessions with the Abbey Road Saturator inserted will no longer risk full-scale DC noise.
– Fixed in Bass Fingers/Slapper: Exporting or freezing tracks in Cakewalk will no longer remove the first note.
– Fixed in BB Tubes: Corrected latency report in some scenarios.
– Fixed in CLA Epic: Delay times now respond to Undo/Redo.
– Fixed in CLA Epic: Mix Lock state is now saved with the session.
– Fixed in CLA Guitars: There is no noise when in Clean + Re-amp is On.
– Fixed in CLA MixHub: No audio corruption when bypassing the Input module.
– Fixed in Clarity Vx, Clarity Vel 2: DS2: The sidechain listen control remains visually active after adjusting the frequency control while it is on.

– Fixed in Scheps Omni Channel 2: Level will not drop when “Odd” saturation is engaged for the first time.
– Fixed in Scheps Omni Channel 2: Modules’ On/Off settings will not change when moving between Setup A/B and changing slots.
– Fixed in Scheps Omni Channel 2: VST3 scan is now saved with previously opened instances of the plugin.
– Fixed in Silk Vocal: Corrected thumbnail in live apps.
– Fixed in SSL EV2: Corrected control surface mapping.
– Fixed in TRACT: Control surface mapping for SuperRack and Avid controllers.
– Fixed in Vocal Bender: Flatten accepts all notes in text entry.
– Fixed in Waves Stream: Sender plugin will not crash upon sample rate change when the person receiving audio is using the web application.
– Fixed in Waves Stream: No crash or hang will occur when the Receiver plugin is bypassed and the stream is terminated.
– Fixed in Waves Tune: Globally removed the “ReWire is Missing” message, since ReWire is no longer supported on many systems.
– Waves Central v15.0.2 is now available with the following updates:
– V15 update and installation is available for all plugins and bundles.
– Improved installation process bar.
– Waves Essential installation is available from the Waves Creative Access page.
– Added Second License filter.
– Fixed: Offline installtion from external drive.
– Fixed: Some bugs in Guided Tours.

– Fixed: Graphic bugs.x Pro, Clarity Vx DeReverb and Clarity Vx DeReverb Pro: Pro Tools will not freeze when logging in with a secondary account.
– Fixed in CR8: Samples with Unicode in their name or path now load in drag and drop.
– Fixed in Flow Motion: The first note in a MIDI part will play when using Pro Tools offline commit.
– Fixed in GTR Stomp: Stomps will respond to Undo/Redo.
– Fixed in H-Delay: Tap will set delay time in BPM mode.
– Fixed in Kaleidoscopes: Corrected control surface mapping for Waves FIT and Avid controllers.
– Fixed in Linear Phase Multiband Compressor: Corrected bypass audio path.
– Fixed in Magma Springs: Corrected automation lane labels and values.
– Fixed in Manny Marroquin Delay: Consistent stereo image after enabling Doubler.
– Fixed in NLS: Corrected bypass audio path.
– Fixed in Nx Germano Studios: Corrected control surface mapping.
– Fixed in OVox: No audio corruption when writing automation in Reason.
– Fixed in Renaissance Axx: Corrected bypass audio path.
– Fixed in Scheps Omni Channel: Corrected control surface mapping.
– Fixed in Scheps Omni Channel 2: Auto engage is now working properly when parameters are moved with MIDI learn.
– Fixed in Scheps Omni Channel 2: DS2 module: Changing module order does not corrupt the listen audio path.
– Fixed in Scheps Omni Chann

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