3delite Audio File Browser v1.0.18.55 WiN

Audio File Browser is a utility for browsing audio files with waveform thumbnails preview.


•Browse audio files in 2 different thumbnail modes
•Quick preview with clicking on a file
•Display detailed information about the audio files
•Optionally 3 applications can be configured with quick access to open selected audio files in them
•Full unicode support
•User interface DPI scaling is supported

Quick tutorial

Basic steps for using Audio File Browser:

•In settings select an audio playback device for the preview
•In settings specify the needed applications that you wish to use for the ‘open with’ functionality
•Navigate to a folder with the audio files
•Checkmark ‘Preview on select’ in the lower-right part of the main window and select (click on) a file to play a preview and display the details
•To switch between the 2 thumbnail view modes click on the 4th or 5th icon from the left at the top-right part of the browser panel
•Full-screen preview on secondary display (if there are 2 or more displays) can be enabled with the 7th icon

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