Pickup Music How to Write a Melodic Prog Solo Plini Tutorial

PLINI PRESENTS How to Write a Melodic Prog Solo


For die-hard prog fans and curious rockers. Sharpen and expand your soloing skills through the lens of prog.

10 days

Plini will guide you through ten days of step-by-step instruction with interactive TAB and daily assignments.

Craft compelling solos

You’ll leave this class with a toolkit of techniques to play melodic prog solos and the skills to compose your own.

Take the next step

Once you’ve mastered this course, keep learning with advanced Master Classes and guided practice plans.

What you’ll learn
Over the next 10 days, Plini will break down how to approach the heavy sounds of prog with beautifully-lyrical soloing.

Learn to solo like Plini, Animals as Leaders, & Intervals
Develop your melodic voice through the lens of prog.
Capture Plini’s tone with Neural DSP plugin presets.

Your guided learning pathway
This music-first course is designed to get you playing melodic prog solos right away. In each lesson, Plini breaks down one of his solos then guides you through exercises and jams to internalize what you learned in a musical context and apply it to your own compositional skillset.

Ever After

We’ll get right into the music on Day 1 by learning a solo that sounds complex but is quite easy to get together.

In each day of this Master Class, you’ll work on a series of drills so you can learn the concepts behind the licks rather than just copying what Plini plays.


Up next, we’ll push you out of your rhythmic comfort zone with a solo in 6/8.

This solo is a Master Class in how dynamics make all the difference in sonic storytelling.


This solo will teach you all about the importance of articulation.

As any great guitarist will tell you, it’s not about which notes you play, it’s about how you play them.

Days 6 & 7. Frogtown Jam
Ready to continue leveling up with a new solo in 7/4? This one makes great use of space in the beginning, and will teach you about what goes into a great prog solo on the production side.

Days 8 & 9. Manifestation
When the prog track goes hard, sometimes all you need is a simple melody. We’ll cap off the class with a solo over a quintuplet-feel rhythm section.

Day 10. Recap & Challenge
Finally, we’ll review everything you learned and challenge you to compose your own prog solo!

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