Pickup Music Melodic CAGED Soloing Sophie Giuliani Full Tutorial

Learn how to make your CAGED solos sing.


If you’re struggling to make your CAGED soloing skills sound musical, this class is right up your alley.

10 days

Sophie will guide you through ten days of step-by-step instruction with interactive TAB and daily assignments.

Craft melodic solos

You’ll leave this class with an expressive set of soloing skills that’ll unlock your voice as a lead guitarist.

Take the next step

Once you’ve mastered this course, keep learning with advanced Master Classes and guided practice plans.

What you’ll learn
Over the next 10 days, Sophie will guide you through expressive soloing techniques through the lens of CAGED.

Break out of CAGED shapes with linear movement.
Master the art of bends, slides, and double stops.
Learn how to make your solos sing with phrasing.

Your guided learning pathway
This music-first course is designed to help you take the CAGED system from uninspired scales to compelling melodic vocabulary. In each lesson, Sophie will break down a new melodic soloing concept. Then, she’ll guide you through exercises to internalize what you learned in a musical context.

How to Make Music With CAGED

When you first learn CAGED , it’s easy to get lost in the technical side of the system.

To kick off the class, Sophie will break down the fundamental tenets of what it takes to make the CAGED system come alive.

Linear Soloing

A drawback of the CAGED system is that it’s easy to get stuck soloing within individual shapes.

Linear soloing is the antidote to this problem. It involves moving freely along your guitar strings, and over the next two days of the class, you’ll explore linear soloing applications in two different keys.

Double Stops

Double stops are two-note micro chords that are perfect for beefing up melodic single-note lines.

If you haven’t experimented with double stops yet, you’re in for a treat – and if you have, Sophie will show you how to take them to the next level in Day 4.

Day 5. How to Combine Positional and Linear Playing
While positional playing can box you in as a lead guitarist, it’s certainly not without its merits. In Day 5, we’ll examine the benefits of positional soloing and practice blending the concept with linear playing.

Day 6. How to Develop Your Phrasing
Next, you’ll learn about the arguably most important ingredient in a great solo: phrasing. This lesson is all about how to draw in your listener with various rhythmic and melodic tools.

Day 7. Connecting Positions Through Triads
As you learn the CAGED system and internalize the notes within each shape, you’re unknowingly building a fantastic foundation for triad-based soloing. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to blend triads into your lead playing.

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