Lovely Composer v1.2.7-BTCR

This is a playful music creation tool that inherits the spirit of a game console music editor! You can enjoy and easily create chiptune music and sound effects like retro games on a cute screen.

The created song can be quickly output to files such as Wave or a MIDI file, and is suitable for game production and as a sketch before full-scale composition on other DAW.

The operation is simple, and there are a chord input function, a function to select the rhythm from the pattern, and a composition support function such as checking the tone with a MIDI keyboard.

In addition, there are more than 20 sample songs, so it is recommended for beginners who have no experience in composition.

Tracks: User 4part + Chord &Rhythm 1 part (Tone can change by note)
Song length: 32notes x 256page (Max 1024 bars)
Key range: C1 ~ B7 (MIDI Standard, 7 octaves)
Tones: 50 pattern
Volume: 16 steps
Stereo(Pan): Center / Left / Right only
Intro + Loop support
Wave & MIDI file export MP3 / Ogg / FLAC / Opus convert supported
MIDI Keyboard support (for sound preview)
Auto save

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