On Point Samples – Criminal Rawstyle Kicks Vol. 1

This pack is bound to blow your mind & a must-have for any Rawstyle Producer.

Why should you get this pack?
It allows you to speed up your workflow. Because of all the useful samples we included (Punches, Crunches, Lazer Kicks, Transients, etc.), You can easily break boundaries & get inspired to instantly create groundbreaking Rawstyle tunes.

Includes: 937MB / 720 files

Kick Parts Folder (166 wav)
30 Rawstyle Kicks
10 Mid-Intro Kicks
25 Serum Screech Presets
100+ Misc Rawstyle Sounds
130 Cinematic Vocals

25 Serum Screeches

Instantly create a Brutal Drop by combining the kicks with these next-level screeches. Listen to the demo again if you’re not convinced.

Kicks, Punches & More

This pack is the ultimate Rawstyle & Hardstyle pack currently online. It contains 700+ samples, including exclusive Kicks, Punches, Cinematic Vocals, FLP’s & Presets.

Cinematic Vocals

130+ Cinematic Vocals ready to get you inspired and bring a theme to your Rawstyle tune. Coming in dry & wet, thoroughly processed for that instant industry-standard quality.

Build Your Own Kicks

The Kick Parts Folder contains ready-to-use crunches, punches, transients for detail, mid-kicks, lazer kicks & top kicks. Instantly combine samples, and create industry-standard kicks.

Useful for other genres

Summarizing All Content

Rawstyle & Mid-Intro kicks: all elements separated and ready to use as individual Crunches, Punches, Transients & Much more. Featuring Cinematic Vocals coming in dry & wet as well as Top-Quality Serum Screech Presets. A Misc folder containing inspirational distorted sounds to kickstart your songs.

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