Groove3 UVI Falcon 2 Explained (11.2022 Update) TUTORiAL

Studio wiz Eli Krantzberg brings you a detailed video manual for UVI’s incredible Falcon 2 virtual instrument! Learn all of its features and functions including how to use them to make your next production. These videos are designed for new Falcon 2 users.

Eli greets you and starts at the beginning with a thorough overview of the Falcon 2 user interface and how to navigate it, plus how to work with the File and Sidebar Browsers. Then you’ll dive into all of Falcon 2’s Edit Tabs, the Mapping Editor, working with its extensive Modulation capabilities, Effects and much more.

Next you’ll see Falcon 2 in action with videos on how to utilize its Analog Oscillator, Analog Stack Oscillator and Wave Shaper to create realistic analog synth tones. Then it’s on to the Additive Oscillator, Pluck Oscillator, Wavetable Oscillator, FM Oscillator, and Organ & Noise Oscillators to craft virtually any sound you can ever imagine.

Did you know Falcon 2 does drums too? Eli shows you how to use the powerful Drum Oscillator to make your drum tones and then the basics of programming beats, using the pattern based row parameters in the Euclidian Drum Script Processor!

Moving on Eli explains and explores Falcon 2’s sampler features, such as how to set up velocity layers, batch process samples, and set up exclusive groups, followed by how the slice parameters are used to slice up and play back rhythmic material, and using the Stretch Oscillator to pitch shift samples while keeping the speed of the sample constant.

Eli finishes up your journey into Falcon 2 with many more videos covering topics like the IRCAM Granular Oscillator, Key Switches & Layer Rules, working with the Falcon 2 Arpeggiator, the Effects Rack, Macros, Host Automation and much, much more.

To see what these comprehensive Falcon 2 video tutorials show you, and how they’ll get you flying high when using Falcon 2, see the individual Falcon tutorial descriptions on this page. Learn to tame Falcon 2 with this detailed video manual taught by the one and only Eli Krantzberg… Watch “UVI Falcon 2 Explained®” today.

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