Udemy Introduction to Audio Equalization TUTORiAL


Learn how to use an EQ properly! The equalizer is a very powerful tool when mixing audio, but if misused, it can make everything sound worse! With this course, you can learn how to use equalizers in the right way and improve the quality of your production. This course was created to start from scratch in the world of equalization. From the basics of sound and frequency to the types of EQ’s and common applications.

You can learn how to take the best out of an equalizer!
You will understand in a practical way how to use an equalizer and get better results in your mixes and music productions. The techniques shown in this course will work in the home or pro studio (with any DAW) and in live sound situations as well. Either with hardware or software EQ’s, and when editing or mixing audio!

Learn the most important concepts for a good equalization:
•Types of equalizers, characteristics and applications.
•Hertz, dB, frequency ranges.
•The use of filters: HPF, LPF, BPF, notch.
•Frequency vs Timbre.
•Common EQ mistakes made
•The differences between graphic, parametric, shelving and bell EQ’s.
•Procedures to equalize in a fast and effective way.
•EQ Your Midrange like a season pro
•EQ Mixing
•Additive and subtractive EQ
•What are the myths
•What is too much EQ
•EQ Theory Guide

Knowing audio EQ gives you the ability to understand the music you hear, and communicate the songs in your head. This makes you a better singer, player, producer, and so on.

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