Sonic Academy How to Make: How To Sound Like The Weeknd TUTORiAL

Haterade’s back with an all-new ‘How To Make’ course, and this time he’s creating an epic synth-pop track in the style of The Weeknd!

With an upbeat tempo, the song ‘Earn Your Love’ has 80’s vibes throughout and awesome vocals from Nashville based Nate Gott.

In this course, Haterade starts with a blank canvas before adding synthwave drums, layered basses and synth lines using ANA 2 with plenty of processing tips and tricks along the way. We then arrange the track out, bring in vocal lines which include stacks, octaves and harmonies and then process these too before carrying out a mix and master.

Utilising ANA 2’s synthwave pack presets to the max and easy to follow, the final result is a classic synth-pop tune that sits right up there with the current trend.

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