Baby Audio TAIP v1.0.2 Regged [WIN macOS]-FLARE

Warm Up Your Sound.
Tape recordings have a musical quality that digital mixes often lack. TAIP brings this quality into your DAW.
It will add some authentic analog heat to your tracks, without the need to route any audio outside the box.

Tape plugins are not a new concept. However, our emulation method is. Instead of using traditional DSP, we’ve developed TAIP around an AI algorithm designed to decipher the invisible nuances of analog circuits.

The result is a truly faithful tape emulation that’s intuitive and creative in use – with some added features to accommodate a modern workflow. Use TAIP to bring a touch of warmth and glue to your tracks, or ‘drive it like you hate it’ as an alternative to your distortion plugins.


AI-powered algorithm, giving you the true warmth and behavior of analog tape

Flexible feature set, allowing you to create a custom ‘tape flavor’ for any need

Use TAIP to add musical saturation and glue to drums, instruments, vocals and beyond

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