Udemy Ableton Live The Complete Course Taught In Arabic [TUTORiAL]

Ableton Live 是迄今为止最适合音乐制作人、现场表演者、音频工程师、声音设计师和任何音乐家的 DAW。本课程适用于所有级别,无论您是从未打开过它还是希望进行转换的经验丰富的制作人,本课程都适合您。

这是一个很大的课程,所以请跟着我一步一步,这样你就可以从中受益。3 年多来,我们一直在构建此课程,并且我们从世界各地的学生那里得到了很好的反馈。完成本课程后,您将能够在 Ableton 中以高效的方式更快地工作,您将学习从头到尾的所有内容。您将深入了解浏览器、编排和会话视图、轨道、音频和 midi 、音频剪辑和样本、MIDI 剪辑和 MIDI 文件、设备和混音器、预设和机架、路由和 I/O、MIDI 和键远程、保存和导出、使用凹槽、凹槽池、提取凹槽、录制音频、录制 MIDI ,走道和伴奏,捕捉 MIDI,录制量化的 MIDI 音符,使用现场设备,使用插件,插件配置模式,使用机架,宏控制等等…… 所以准备好你的笔记本,让我们开始吧!多爱晕厥。

 2022 年 12 月 02 日 | 5.57GB

Ableton Live is by far the best DAW for Music Producers, Live performers, Audio Engineers, Sound designers and any Musician in general. This course is for all levels, whether you’ve never opened it in your life or are an experienced Producer looking to make the switch, this course is for you.

This is a big course so please follow me step by step so you can benefit from it. We’ve been structuring this curriculum for more than 3 years and We have great feedback from our students worldwide. After finishing this course you’ll be able to work faster in Ableton and in an efficient way, you’ll learn everything from A to Z. you’ll be learning deeply about the browser, arrangement and session view, tracks, audio and midi, audio clips and samples, midi clips and midi files, devices and the mixer, presets and racks, routing and I/O, midi and key remote, saving and exporting, using grooves, groove pool, extract groove, recording audio, recording midi, take lanes and comping, capturing midi, recording quantized midi notes, using live devices, using plug-ins, plug-in configure mode, working with racks, macro controls and much more… So get your notebooks ready and let’s get started ! Much Love Syncosis.

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