Udemy Piano Basic Foundation [TUTORiAL]

如果您是一个完全的初学者并且想从 0 开始,那么本课程适合您!您将学习基本的钢琴技巧、阅读乐谱、基本音乐理论、弹奏时数数的重要性、手的协调性、学习新乐器的好处等等!







 2022 年 12 月 02 日 | 1.42GB

If you are a complete beginner and want to start from 0, then this course is for you! You will learn basic piano skills, reading sheet music, basic musical theory, the importance of counting when playing, hand coordination, the benefits of learning a new instrument and so much more!

Also if you are already learning piano and you are at the beginning of your musical journey, then this course is for you!

Maybe you heard many times from radio, or from internet, or from social media, songs that you really really love. And always wondered how would those songs sound if you played them. With this course, you have all the materials and information you need in order to play these songs, by learning to read sheet music.

Reading sheet music is one the of the most important skills when you learn piano, because it gives you the freedom to play and learn whatever you want and love.

Think of this course as a guide that you will always have by your side, while learning this beautiful instrument. A guide that contains everything you need in order to get some basic piano skills, from information to material that you need for practicing. A guide where I put a lot of passion for piano, passion for teaching, explaining every detail with lots and lots of patience.

What you’ll learn

•Piano Basic Skills
•Reading Sheet Music
•Basical Music Theory
•The Importance of Counting when Playing
•Adding Nuances
•Hand Coordination
•Reducing Anxiety and Stress Through Learning Music
•Reading Comprehension
•Cultural Knowledge Expansion
•Rhythm Improvement
•Learning a Classical Piece at the End of the Course

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